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Mobile call logging and analytics. In real time.

OpenCalls saves detailed call history in Google Drive and lets you analyze customer calls, while keeping you up to date with your company business.

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Free Android app

Say no to wires at the office! Log calls on your mobile phone. Never lose valuable contacts again. Remember to follow up with the customers.

Google Docs integration

Follow customer calls in real-time. Share a Google Drive spreadsheet and collaborate with your team! Make the charts that work for you.

Add-on for Google Spreadsheet

Official add-on for the OpenCalls.me app. Now you can generate reports and create your dashboards directly in your Google Drive.
Also you will be able set up sending reports to your email.

Integration with 1C

Automatic document creation event on the basis of data obtained from the program.

Support in Telegram

Support services provide 24/7 by Telegram messenger.


Use cases

Ad tracking

Want to try a new advertising channel? Determine customer rate response and measure call-to-sales conversion rate for a given period.

Supervise managers

Add several phone numbers and visualize the performance of your employees over time.

Build a customer database

Are managers slow to keep your client database up to date? Just grab the phone numbers from a spreadsheet, and names will be added automatically from Android contacts.

Mobile call center

Compile a list of phone numbers and control the progress of sales calls made by your co-workers. In real time!

Share calls with your team

Tag a call and share the log with your team. They will finish a sale.

Manage time sinks

View call statistics by name, number of calls or minutes talked. Perhaps it's time to blacklist someone?

Fee-based consulting

Ready-made client reports: date, time, call duration. Simply multiply by your consulting rate.

Google Docs CRM

Tag calls right on your phone. Add and fill out the columns you need, share the spreadsheet with your co-workers.

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